Thursday, 13 January 2011

Future Map Exhibit

Hello! Here is the post I promised to you guys last night!

I only have a few photos that were taken on my mobile phone, and I haven't managed to find any online yet, but when the designer and Ryo can send me their photos, i'll definitely put them here for you to see :)

So, how did I come about this job opportunity? Well, as mentioned in my other post, I was with a work friend for coffee and he told me that his friend was coming to stay with him, who is a model and make-up artist and that he was going to pick her up from a modelling event later in the evening. While we were out, she rang him and said that one of the models had dropped out and if he knew anyone last minute, so he asked me lol! I was only really going to go home afterwards so I said yes! So we went off to Chalk Farm (just round the corner from Cyberdog lol) and made our way to the event. It was an art exhibition preview  for the students and post-students of London College of Fashion and from the University of the Arts London, and the exhibition stuff starts today actually. It's running until February 6th if you're in London and fancy going to see it! > Future Map

We went in to meet the friend, Ryo, and the other model working there called Claudia. They were both so so nice, and I got on with them really well! The hair stylist we had was really sweet too, and made my hair look really cool! And Ryo did my make-up so beautifully!

There was also a plait on my left hand side, which came in handy for my extensions!

My eyelashes started to fall off just as we started the exhibition!

The designer we were modelling for is Eliana Dimitrakopoulou, who is from the London College of Fashion. She specialises in fur designs and came 2nd in a fur fashion show in Milan last year! Seriously, her stuff is BEAUTIFUL, it's so breathtaking! We walked into the hall and saw the pieces above us and I DIED they were so gorgeous! Our objective was basically to model the fur designs throughout the duration of the exhibition, around 3 hours or so, and they also awarded a prize to the winner of this year's art piece. Eliana didn't win, but her pieces were definitely more fabulous and eye catching than anyone elses!

L-R: Claudia, Me, Eliana, Ryo


Me & Ryo
I don't have individual shots of us all wearing the coats, only me, but here are some better quality photos:

My coat

Claudia's coat

Ryo's coat
The funny thing about the night is that the entrance was free and drinks were also free, so of course, everyone was wandering around with bottles of beer and glasses of wine or champagne (which we couldn't as we weren't supposed to eat or drink and none of us had eaten so we were starving and snacking on fruit pastilles and crisps and stuff!) and some people got a little bit drunk.... We had people coming up to us asking what we were doing and trying to be "clever" and "funny" and one lady also shouted "WHEN DOES THE PERFORMANCE START AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH" at me...:z Luckily we had two guards! They were there to stop people from touching the fur (or, if it camr to it, us being attacked lol!) They were so funny, one even know about where I live: "Oh yes, I know Sutton, Slutton of course, and all the girls look like Mutton" hahaha. We took a photo with one of them, but Ryo has this photo~

Bikini shots for you all!

Claudia is sooo tall! I think she was wearing shoes in this photo though!
So yeah, that was my night! It was a pretty random day but a nice end to the day, and I had a great time with the girls! Eliana was so sweet and said that I was better than the model who cancelled on her and that I know how to pose really well and that she wants to use me again in the future! Yay! Oh, here is a small article on Eliana!


  1. What a crazy and amazing opporunity!!
    So amazing :D and I love the coat you wore :O

  2. That's such a cool opportunity! I love the makeup on you, it looks great with your hair. The coat you were wearing is absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm assuming it's real fur...?

  3. Seems like you had a awesome time ;D

  4. @georgie: hehe! It was pretty neat!

    @sami: It was completely unexpected and out of the blue! Things like that seem to happen to me a! Oh I loved all the coats! The one with the hood was so fierce!!

    @emmie: Thank you^^ Ryo did such a great job with the make-up, and I really need to learn to corn row! Yes, it's made from Fox fur. Some people were a bit freaked out by the coats, but still tried to touch them all the same!

    @kim: I did! It was great :D!

  5. Wooooow those coats are gorgeous!! *o* Sounds like it was an awesome night! Ryo is so talented and seems like a fun person~! And Claudia is soooo tall and 27!? I wouldn't have guessed! She looks like my friend who's 19 haha

  6. @l-article: I was so impressed that I got a chance to wear one of them! I really wanted to try the one with the hood though lol!
    Ryo has a page for her work on Facebook if you want to check it out!!/pages/RYO-LOVE-MODELMAKEUP-ARTIST/148492522087 She's awesome, I can't believe it! And she likes making her own nails :D!

    When she said "Omg, i'm 27 this year" I was like NO WAY. She doesn't drink, smoke, eat anything like fried foods all the time..she's the perfect campaign for youth!

  7. Omg girl you look awesome!! like AV star! :D
    love the coat!

  8. @kei: thanks girl!! :D haha!
    not really, just a girl in classy gold bikini!