Wednesday, 19 January 2011

why do you get all the fire?

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I know it's only Wednesday, but a lot can happen in a few days at the beginning of the week!

I went out last night, and surprisingly, I feel fine! Usually, maybe i'd feel slightly ew and sick but this morning I just felt really tired and also so so hungry. That's probably worse than feeling sick, as the hunger pain just keeps stabbing at your stomach 'til you do something about it! Last night was Maya, a Cyberdog staff's birthday! She held a Science-Lab style thing at her house - it was rad! She had a UV lamp, and test tubes, and pipettes! AWESOME. And there was something on everyone that glowed under the UV light, so it was cool to see! Obviously I am seeing the UV lights and stuff at work all the time but my hair never glows at work, and it did under her light!

After this, I went back to another Cyberdog staff's house, Rei, with Adam, another Cyberdog staff. They are so funny...we had such a random time at Rei's place! I didn't really drink too much more at this point because I was quite tired, and Rei was just quite drunk and saying the best things! It's been a long time since i've had some drink and sporadically gone back to someone's house or whatever and then slept on like a couch or chair or something. I used to do it so much when I was younger...obviously because we thought we were "cool"! i'm so boring compared to this. We ended up watching YouTube movies and listening to some music and Rei and Adam played a Super Mario game or something?

 I keep having random weeks! It's fun though, don't get me wrong! OH. Since he mentioned it, Adam is the one I went for coffee with in the post about Future Map! He read my blog and said "I didn't even get my name mentioned..." So, mentioned now, and also some photos of yourself! :D On another note, I came home today and my new (yeah another haha) d.i.a. top had arrived! I ordered it from the Gal Comm Sales a few weeks ago, and I guess, still due to the bad weather we had it was just backed up. Here it is:

I can't wit to wear it, along with all the other stuff I have! Downside is now I have no mail to wait for :( I did also pick up my new nail art drill and 3D molds from the Post Office the other day, so tonight i'm going to make some new nails, probably a Cyberdog set! I want it to glow under UV so i'm going to paint them with some varnish I can get at work :D!


  1. Working at Cyberdog sounds amazing. All the staff seem so friendly :)

    I never had much interest in d.i.a. until I started following your blog, but you always buy the nicest pieces so I'm kind of a convert now thanks to you :P

  2. Wow!! That party sounds like it was a lot of fun~ Plus all that fire talk afterwards xD I love the new d.i.a. tops!! Especially that furry one :3 It's hot!!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! man....U.U you R SOOO F'N HOT!!!! I really cant wait to meet you soon..... anyways about drinking~ I know what you mean... I was a heavy drinker too... when i was younger....XD LOL now~ I really don't drink as much.... only when i go to clubs and stuff like that. Im such a lame ass now~ HA HA... But some times you just need to drink with your buddies ones in the while. Not everyday tho~ >.> thats would be lame too... Anyways when I meet you we better drink together!!!!

  4. You got the D.I.A. top! And it looks great on you!!

    That party sounds epic :p

  5. Wah, looks like you guys had a lot of fun! The D.I.A. top looks so cute, just like your hair <33 XD

  6. @sohui: It's really fun! There's a wall in the kitchen covered with lots of photos of staff, past and present, all out having a good time! It's called "Cyber Times". There are some from inside the store too (yeah! breaking the rules haha) from things like "Rave Day" and Halloween! Going out after work is really the only way you get to know people so I can't wait to get to know everyone a little more!

    Oh really?! That's so cool! I'm glad I managed to get someone into the brand! Thank you so much^^

    @l-article: I didn't take any photos at the party apart from Adam and Rei discussing the photos on the Twister box (the game) and I haven't come across any so unfortunately I can't show you! :( (for now anyway!)

    I'm going to upload the mentioned Fire video! I don't know how many people will find it funny..but it's the way Rei says this quote haha! And the toppp! I'm so happy! It's really comfortable and I can't stop stroking the fur~!

    @michi: Haha thanks girl! I really want to meet you and the other Diamond girls!!! I used to drink lots, not like an alcoholic, but I certainly went to a lot of house parties! Now I stay at home mainly and just work! You'd think I would have money saved up, but alas, it just goes on my internet shopping addiction >.< I haven't been clubbing since last September, and before that, it had a year! So I really want to go clubbing with you!

    @georgie: Yeah! :D Thanks again for trying to get it for me! I looove it :p It was cool! We all need t get together and have our own epic party!

    @super-rabbit: We did! I really want to have my own themed party or something! Someone at work said something about "retro game party", and I love to game, so :D! Thank you! The funny thing about my hair was that I curled it at work whilst waiting for Rei to finish his shift, and I only managed to get one half done, so I just wore it to the side, but I liked the way it looked on the side! Felt kinda like a mermaid haha! I'm glad you liked it!