Monday, 24 January 2011


Hi everyone! Monday, bloody Monday, the start of a new week. Can you believe that it's nearly the end of January?? This year is going to fly by so fast, I don't know what to make of it!

I've been getting confused with the days of the week as i've been at work so much, even though today really did feel like a weekday as it was so much quieter and less busy than any of our weekend days (Friday-Sunday). Today, nearly everyone found out if they had been promoted or not (that's the literal way of explaining things without sounding confusing!). I mean, obviously I haven't worked at Cyberdog for very long so I don't really know the whole "political" side of things, but to quickly break the situation down;

Each area has a specialist, kind of like the "boss" of that area (of course, the managers are the "boss" of everything but these are people specifically assigned to take over this area - i.e. specialist) and then you get a "2nd" which I guess is like a deputy? So when the "boss" is not working, the "2nd" will be working instead.

So, anyway, current specialists and those who are not specialists found out today if they would be taking over a new area, or being "upgraded" (if you like) to a 2nd, or indeed specialist! It was exciting to hear what everyone would be doing, and congratulations! I've never really been in a position where you could get some kind of "promotion". Sure, at the hospital I was given way more things to do and such because I was reliable and more trusted than the others but I didn't really see it as a promotion, more as a few extra things added to my list. It's all a bit confusing, but nevertheless, as long as everyone is still happy with what they're doing, then that's great!

I guess I wanted to mention something that some people may have been wondering for a little while...Since the end of Hib, I have tried to not really post in the Gal Communites (lj, ricoche etc), not because I don't want to or am not interested anymore, but because of all the stuff that went down, I just kind of wanted to distance myself from it. I can tell you, not being in a Gal Circle and having frequent meets and seeing your friends on a regular basis is so weird! I think it's been, what...maybe like 6 months or something since it ended? It's been a quick 6 months, and it's also been a really nice 6 months too. I think i'm now a more relaxed person than I used to be, and my attitude has definitely calmed down. Yes I have said things in the past that have caused outrage and so on, but the majority of the time while Hib was still active, I wasn't the "horrible person" people made me out to be. I think it's the pressure of being a "leader" or "in charge", and I guess that can kind of go to your head. I definitely wasn't abusing my "role", but I think that because of the facade that I had, I was definitely misunderstood.

I think this break from the Gal Community for the past half a year has been a welcome change. If anything, i'm so different now! If anything, i'm more shy lol! I work all the time, and I don't even get much time to see Dec, Floz, Caryn and Georgie anymore, let alone Emmie and Lucie and Kei, and all the old Hib members! This is what I mean about how weird it is not being in a Circle. It kind of feels like a break up haha! Writing this was kind of due to the Gal Secrets post about UK Gals, and that the Hib logo was used as the photo. To be honest, the most active UK Gals in the scene right now are Lhouraii, Delight and Majikko girls! I think the New Year will be a good change, as I want to be able to meet some of the UK Gals (we haven't all met, contrary to popular belief) and see what they're up to!

On a lighter note, thank you to the person who posted the secret about my blog! I'm glad you enjoy reading it, and i'm glad you like the photo too! I'll definitely keep making posts! :D

Here's a photo, so not to bore you!
A corner shop (convenience store) selling lots of American candy and cereals! The window was much bigger but this is the only snap I got. No longer to overpriced Cyber Candy!


  1. Yup Mondays suuuuuuck. Even more since it's the only day I have a night class from 7-10pm ;o;
    That's pretty interesting how the store works! And I hope you get to meeting new gals eventually! Without the drama!! :P

  2. I still stand by the fact you stuck up for me when all that b-shit flew off between the gal-sa's even though I wasn't gal per-sey. You always seemed to try 100% with the style and were an all round nice person but am glad you've taken this time away from the community because you can enjoy it instead of being ranted at for every choice you make as a sa leader.

  3. I've really missed you recently >_<

  4. Even though Hibisc arent around anymore it seems they are still very well known! :D
    and Im sure more for the postivie than the negative :) I barely even know about the drama if Im honest lol!

    and aghh why cant we have such corner shops up north lol

  5. @l-article: Arghhhhh, that sucks! But at least you have the whole day to do what you want! It would suck even more if you have to travel a long way to get there? Because then you get home really late and it's just like "omg I want to be in bed now :("
    Yeah! Everyone who has asked about what the store is like in general is really confused as it's not the same as a normal clothing store...I guess due to the size and the number of staff (like 30!). I actually got promoted today! So i'm now a 2nd to Ladies wear! :D Yeah! I want to meet lots more gals, minus drama, old or new!

    @claire: of course! I wasn't going to let anyone take the piss out of my friends, gal cir or not! That's a great way to put it^^ And I feel, just, so much better for doing so! I'm not saying i'm quitting Gal or anything, I just don't really care to be involved with all the online stuff. Sure, i'll take a browse here and there but it's not my life anymore, like it really used to be!

    @georgie: i've really missed you too! :'( It's so weird! It feels like we haven't seen each other for years or something! DISLIKE T_T

    @sami: I guess so! I think that even though there was a slight negative side to it, there was always a positive side, and I guess it's like anything with a name to it, people just seem to remember lol! I'd like Hib to be known for being the best UK Gal cir at the time as opposed to anything else though!
    Ah, the drama is old now, not worth anything anymore! I was so shcoked when I saw it!! 1)it's in Chinatown 2)it stocks American candy 3)it's run by Indian guys! lol!! So weird, but cool at the same time!

  6. Would you ever consider getting back involved in a gal sa? I mean one that would meet less frequently or something for more mature experienced gyaru (with not as much drama). You seem like your missing out on hanging with your friends maybe another gal sa would help?